December 30, 2013

Keeping Promises

4 years ago I promised my oldest son that I would walk 1000 miles that year as part of a goal for myself.  Well go figure, I didn't do it.  I got to around 600 and quit.  But after so many successful completion of things in 2013 I decided it would be good to complete the 1K goal over the next year.

My goals for the next year:

Walk more, specifically 2.75 miles a day to reach 1K
Eat more veg and fruit, specifically 3-5 servings a day
Complete a quilt over the next year
Read 5 books
Increase bench press to 100 plus pounds
1 push up, Man push up, no knees
Make 1 new recipe a month 12 for the year
Lose 30 lbs over the next year
Love my boys and husband every day,even on the not so fun days!

I am terrible for not completing stuff.  Lack of focus, not being able to push through when it is boring.  But 2013 was a great year of pushing past, going farther, and doing the hard work.  It really left me a great feeling of accomplishment.  I am enough.

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