December 2, 2010

22 WEEKS and Counting

Christmas M & M's

If you haven't tried them yet: M & M pretzel's are pretty good. They are more sweet than salty and have the same crunch as a Peanut M & M. I got mine in Christmas colors.


Here I am at 22 weeks 3 days already. Wow how time has flown these last several weeks. Baby is moving around quite a bit. He loves sugar, caffeine, and food in general. I wonder where he gets it from.


There has been great changes in my "figure" since the beginning of the year. The initial 20 lbs gained since last year has now been compounded with pregnancy weight.

Formula for math geeks:

20 lbs + Pregnancy= Ginormous

I've managed to not gain a pound since last week and am fighting the urgent cravings of toast, chocolate, and pizza. I am however feeding my cravings for grapes and citrus fruits. Preferably limes and oranges. YUM!! There is an ever lasting hope I have to maintain at my current weight. I am a "PLUS" size kind of gal now and there is no reason to gain enormous amounts of weight while pregnant. :(
I have however started an excellent exercise regimen. I aim for a certain calorie target daily. Initially I was walking but have managed to make it to the gym at least 2 times a week.

Fertility Goddess
Since we are talking about the gym, last night in my attempt to catch a glimpse at whether or not I looked fat or pregnant in the gym mirror, I noticed a significant change in my body shape since the last time. Here is the image I had:

Everything Else

Possible Causes of recent worry and panic:

1--We have no baby room or furniture at this time.
I have managed to start buying diapers at really great prices, almost for free, from following other mom bloggers. I use my swagbucks, noted at the top of the page to do a basic search everyday for points and that has netted me gift cards to help pay for most of them.

2--Carrying too much Credit Card Debt
We've never been ones to carry lots of CC debt. We have typical house, vehicle, and the dead dog student loan debt but, we've always kept credit debt low. The last few months have been taxing on our CC's because of loss of work hours, me quitting my PT job, and my dear husband building a "man cave" for all of his stuff. (that is currently in my baby's room, that we don't have.) I know what I consider too much is probably nothing for most people, but I don't create my lifestyle on debt. We live very modestly. You know those people who say they don't have money, but then seem to have all kinds of new stuff, or new expensive stuff, well when I say we don't have it we don't. Not right now at least.

3---No Baby Name
we just can't seem to agree on one AGH

Well those are really the 3 biggest thing that come to mind. I can at least say I am thankful right now, because my son's issues are getting better, he is now at a great school with an awesome teacher. We do have a house, a car, and my husband's job is still plugging right along. I am grateful for so many things. Those things along with toast, chocolate, pizza, and citrus fruit help me get past the worry encompassed above.